Employee Handbook: The Holy Grail of HR

If you have managed to successfully outlive the initial turmoil of establishing your startup then chances are that you are now aiming to move forward from bootstrapping to building a team which will help you grow your business further. Regardless of whether you are in the beginning stages of hiring employees or have been in the practice for some time now, you will need a guide book, establishing the dos and donts for your staff. This document is commonly known as the Employee Handbook. Simply put, Employee Handbook is a manual for what your employees can expect from the company...

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The What Why When & How of Trademarks

We see them all the time however unless you run your own business you never really understand their importance. The golden arches of McDonalds, the Larry T bird of Twitter and the swoosh of Nike are all trademarked logos of some of the world’s most renowned and successful businesses. In simpler words, if your business is represented through a word, symbol, phrase or design that is original and unique to your business alone then that is your BRAND, and your brand needs to be registered and protected. This is where trademark and copyright registration comes in. THE WHAT Legally speaking, trademark...

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All About Website Terms and Conditions

The What Website Terms and Conditions also known as Terms Of Use or Terms Of Service is fundamentally an agreement between the website owner and the user/visitor of the website establishing the rules the user/visitor must follow in order to maintain access and usage of that website. The Why Here are a few reasons why it is important for businesses to upload the terms and conditions on its website. It may be noted that the reasons mentioned below are not exhaustive however will give you a fair picture of its significance. Protecting the Business – Terms and Conditions are crucial to protecting your business...

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5 Key Contracts Essential For Startups

Wanting to explore a lucrative market or perhaps running your own business is one thing and being able to successfully run a Startup venture is completely another.  While passion and a catchy idea may be enough to push you in the right direction it is certainly not enough to guarantee success in the entreapreunial ecosystem. Startups by its very nature deal with a great number of unknown factors and its success lies in mitigating these known and unknown pitfalls that might affect its sustainability and growth.  Hence it is unwise to adapt an ‘as it comes’ approach when deciding on...

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Beginner’s Guide to Launching a Startup

Having a bright business idea is not enough ammunition for launching any Startup. Before tipping toes into this lucrative market, you need to be aware of the hows, when and whats of the industry. It is true that when done right, Startup entities can be exciting, energizing, and profitable for their founders. However, they are also challenging to manage, difficult to scale, and often, expensive and incredibly stressful endeavours.  It is for these and other reasons that deciding on the right time and circumstances for launching a startup is a concern many entrepreneurs struggle with. THE STEPPING STONE Information is power and...

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Why You Should Be Considering Incorporation For Your Business

Whether you have a medium sized business or you are an independent contractor or you run a small side business to fulfil your entrepreneurial flare, incorporating your venture is always a smart choice to make. In addition to safeguarding your commercial and legal interests, timely incorporation not only preempts the possibility of probable pitfalls but also ensures that the future of your business is secure as opposed to other unregulated structures.  Here are some of ways in which incorporating can benefit your business: It’s all in the Brand Registration of your company is the first step to strengthen and protect your business and...

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