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Landlord Rights to Eviction: How When and Why

If you are in a rental arrangement, you should have a firm understanding for when it’s legal to evict a tenant as well as the standard lease termination process. Whether a tenant is disturbing other tenants, struggling to pay rent or damaging your rental property, it’s important to know the legalities and the big nos behind tenancy termination and evicting a tenant to avoid further difficulties.  The Legality of It As a landlord you need to understand when it’s legal to evict a tenant. In matters of renter’s disputes the primal requirement is to have a valid reason for eviction, which usually...

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Why You Should Be Considering Incorporation For Your Business

Whether you have a medium sized business or you are an independent contractor or you run a small side business to fulfil your entrepreneurial flare, incorporating your venture is always a smart choice to make. In addition to safeguarding your commercial and legal interests, timely incorporation not only preempts the possibility of probable pitfalls but also ensures that the future of your business is secure as opposed to other unregulated structures.  Here are some of ways in which incorporating can benefit your business: It’s all in the Brand Registration of your company is the first step to strengthen and protect your business and...

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