E commerce

All routes to market are now inseparably linked to the internet. Whether it’s improved lines of communication or a single shop front, the benefits to business from the internet are boundless.

We understand that building a successful E-Commerce section of your business can be difficult, especially if you are unaware of the principles and legal issues involved. There is nothing more destabilizing than to have core business practices under scrutiny for possible infringements of the law.

Our experts provide legal assistance in all aspects of creating, managing and protecting online businesses.

Our team has assisted in the negotiation, drafting, and review of e-commerce matters for a wide range of diverse companies, from small businesses to internationally-known corporations.

Whatever the problem, we respond to your crisis in a timely manner with an approach carefully tailored to your needs.

Service Areas

Drafting, negotiating and reviewing a broad range of E Commerce and website agreements

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

User Agreement

Policies – Privacy Policy, acceptable use policy, client policy, freelancer policy, freelancer membership policy, business policies, proprietary rights infringement reporting policy,

Guidelines, disclaimers and disclosures

API Terms of Use

Software License Agreement

Marketplace Vendor Agreement

E commerce Vendor Agreement

Service Level Agreements with logistics, distributor and other partners

Monitoring and evaluating your web-based business operations and website content to ensure compliance with industry best-practices Organising and monetizing your e-commerce activities

Counseling businesses on the scope and applicability of competition and consumer protection laws to technology development, distribution and use.

We seek to ensure that our clients’ online standards development and essential facilities management activities comply with e-commerce rules as well as privacy and data security laws. We also counsel on consumer protection requirements for online advertising, sales and marketing, and the management and use of personal consumer data.

Strategic advice and risk-analysis

providing your business with the tools and know-how to protect your rights by designing and implementing best business practices that will ward-off potential litigation while making your online business more valuable.

We can assist with privacy, consumer law, unfair contract terms issues, merchandizing, inventory and supplier issues, logistics as well as advise you on your terms and conditions for e-commerce sites.

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