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Our clients frequently engage us for services pertaining to Corporate Governance, Corporate Advisory, Regulatory Compliance, Legal Audit, Due Diligence, Company Secretariat (off site) and Research.

Corporate Governance, Advisory and Regulatory Compliance

ILS offers comprehensive counsel and representation to companies concerning the regulatory landscape and best practice for corporate governance matters.

We can assist with:

preparing and advising on corporate governance policies assisting with corporate governance and secretarial duties preparing board and general meeting notices and minutes providing training and mentoring to directors on their corporate responsibilities and liabilities advising on professional indemnities and insurances available to directors and other office holders advising on shareholder rights responding to regulatory investigations reviewing and preparing annual and quarterly directors’ reports for stakeholders

Performing Company Secretariat Services (off site) on routine as well as need be basis

Our expert lawyers ensures that best practice is followed within your business and all parties are cognizant of their corporate responsibilities and obligations

  1. Clients, especially start ups outsource their company secretarial functions to us.
  2. In addition, foreign companies with local subsidiaries wishing to ensure compliance with local law as well as foreign companies requiring local agents for their branch periodically engage us for our services.
  3. companies undergoing major change such as restructuring, take-over, complex share allotments, and buybacks utilise our Company Secretariat services during stated periods.

Conducting Legal Due Diligence and Audits

We not only provide our legal diligence services to local companies but also to foreign investors and entities intending to invest in or form a strategic alliance with a local SME.

Legal due diligence seeks to examine the legal basis of a transaction by ensuring that legal structure, contractual obligations, assets and liabilities of a business (for example loans, property or pending litigation), employee matters etc. not only stand true to record but also are viable for any given transaction intended to be undertaken between businesses.

Conducting Research and preparing White Papers to client specification

We focus on understanding and meeting the changing needs of our clients and upon request conduct extensive research and prepare white papers specific to their need.

ILS prides itself in understanding, anticipating and satisfying your individual legal requirements.

Around the globe more and more emphasis is placed on corporate governance by investors and regulators alike. Resultantly, sound corporate governance practices have emerged as an essential pillar of running a successful business. This has lead to a mounting emphasis on board accountability, performance scrutiny, compliance and conformance. Contact us today and get your corporate structure in line with industry practices

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