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We specialize in negotiating, drafting, revising and reviewing commercial agreements and contracts. Whether you are looking for a standard boilerplate (commercial) contract for everyday use in your business or a bespoke contract to cover a particular transaction. We aim to provide you with quality documentation in a cost effective manner.

We are skilled negotiators able to get the best for our clients from any contractual negotiation.

Rest easily knowing you are organized and that your rights and interests are protected by professionals who understand your business and its needs.

Services Areas

Advice on all forms of commercial contracts and arrangements to support our clients' run of the mill as well as strategic business activities and providing protection of their virtual capital

such as know how, business secrets, trade, company and internet domain names, trademarks, copyright and licensing. Additionally, we advise clients on a broad range of e-commerce related issues

Drafting , negotiating and reviewing of wide range of legal and transactional documents suitable to every business’s corporate and commercial needs.

A non exhaustive list of routine commercial agreements we work is as follows:

  1. Confidentiality And Non-Disclosure Agreements
  2. Consultancy Agreements
  3. Contractor Agreements
  4. Employment Agreements
  5. Distribution Agreements
  6. Disclosure Statements
  7. Franchise Agreements
  8. Joint Venture Agreements
  9. Loan Agreements
  10. Licence Agreements
  11. Partnership Agreements
  12. Privacy Policies
  13. Shareholders Agreements
  14. SAAS, PAAS, IAAS Agreements
  15. Sale Of Business Agreements
  16. Service Agreements
  17. Supply Agreements
  18. Terms And Conditions

Assistance at every stage of a joint venture arrangement

from the inception through business planning, evaluation and implementation.

Industries and commercial sectors we cater to

Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Franchising, Sponsorship and Outsourcing

Manufacturing and Supply

Distribution, Merchandizing and Reselling

Logistics, Storage and other services

Online Service and Products

Sales and Agency

Research, Development and Collaboration

Retail and Marketing

Software, Technology and Data

Trademark, Copyright and Patent

Finance, Banking, Loans, Escrow, Underwriters, Securities and Settlement

Real Estate, Property, Assets, Rentals and Leases

Intellectual Property

Media, Entertainment, Event and Advertisements

Consultancy and Freelancing

Crowd Funding and Coworking

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