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For (smart) businesses, their most valuable asset is their workforce. If not dealt cautiously, employment related matters can result to be as disruptive as any of the commercial issues a business may face. It can cause morale issues, long-term litigation concerns and terrible reputation consequences for your business. Needless to mention, proper structuring and management of your workforce is critical and that is where we step in!

Our team deals with a variety of matters from setting up employment contracts to managing major organizational changes. Our experience representing both sides of the employment relationship enables us to provide insightful and cost-effective representation to our clients.

Employee issues can be tricky. We can help you handle any current legal issues and stay on top of any potential future concerns.

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Service Areas

Drafting personnel related Agreements for every stage in an employment cycle

  1. onboarding of permanent, independent and/or contractual (executive) employees
  2. compensation scheme/s
  3. confidentiality and circumvention strictures (as may be applicable on them)
  4. exit strategies.

Employee benefits and compensation scheme.

formulating, drafting and implementing all types of employee benefits and executive compensation policies/programs

Preparing corporate wide guidelines, codes and documents for our clients to assist them in implementing a sound human resource structure within the organization

  1. company’s code of conduct,
  2. bye laws,
  3. policies,
  4. rules and regulations,
  5. Employee handbooks and
  6. Employee manuals and other workplace

Advising and implementing internal policies

Policies on discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace violence prevention (such as bullying and work health and safety measures).

Preparing all internal documentation

forms and letters such as employment applications, interview/hiring and termination checklists and Employee offer letters

Settling hiring, overtime, discipline, termination/discharge issues

Training employees on policies concerning confidentiality and dealing with trade secret protection issues.

Assisting in social media policy development and monitoring process

Due diligence and Background Checks on potential or existing employees

We help both employees and employers with their employment law needs by advising and representing enterprises, executive managers and employees as well as conducting extensive restructuring measures and social compensation plans.

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