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Every business needs a proper legal framework from which to grow. Without the right legal advice, companies risk more than just lost profits. Seemingly minor mistakes can have very adverse effects on the success of your business. Nevertheless, through careful legal planning, businesses can easily lay the groundwork for prosperity and prevent lawsuits and other liabilities.


An effective corporate and transaction lawyer identifies areas that could lead to problems and helps you develop a pro-active approach to avoid disputes and litigation. Our people are experts in transactional business law and are experienced in pursuing and achieving financial benefits for clients through litigation avoidance and resolution tactics. If you’re an entrepreneur, we can help you start your business the right way. If you’re a well-established business in need of expert negotiators for a new deal or partnership we can guide you through and help you come up with solutions to mitigate risk.

we know that your business is only as good as the deals you make. Put our experience to work and let us help you along the way!

Service Areas

Business Formation and Registration

We provide a number of formation services tailored specific to the needs of our clients

  1. determining the ideal choice of entity for your business model,
  2. registration and formation of partnerships, associations, private limited company, public limited company, liability companies (LLCs) etc.),
  3. Formation and guidance on Not for Profit organizations and Trusts
  4. Formation, Licensing and renewal services for Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFC) and Insurance Companies.

Ancillary to Entity Formation Services

We offer a number of pre and post-formation services for our clients

  1. conducting capital structure evaluations
  2. structuring the corporate governance model for your entity
  3. shareholder or member meeting preparation and assistance,
  4. Board of Director meeting preparation and assistance;
  5. Transactional advice and assistance regarding loans and equity financing; and
  6. assistance with joint-ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, split-ups, spin-offs and other major corporate transactions.

Winding Up and Dissolution services for entities along with needful agreements and documentation.

Drafting, negotiating and reviewing legal and transactional documents

Common agreements we can assist with include:

  1. Term Sheets/Terms And Conditions for various types of business requirements, Memorandum Of Understandings (MoUs)
  2. Founder Agreement,
  3. Advance against Equity Agreement,
  4. Shareholder Agreement,
  5. Share Subscription Agreement,
  6. Share Sale/Purchase Agreement,
  7. Policy Manuals,
  8. Company Bye-Laws,
  9. Franchise Agreements
  10. Rules and Regulations of Societies and Trusts
  11. Partnership Deeds
  12. Trust Deeds
  13. Agreements for Sale Of Businesses and Property
  14. Joint Venture Agreements
  15. Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreements
  16. Brand Acquisition Agreement
  17. Asset Purchase Agreement
  18. Director Indemnification Agreement and
  19. Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance policies.

Advising, opining and structuring a variety of company related matters

  1. business purchases and sales,
  2. angel and venture capital investment transactions,
  3. corporate restructuring,
  4. share capital and shareholder rights including redenomination of share capital, class rights, conversion rights, redemption and transfer of shares or other securities and financial assistance issues,
  5. Board of Directors’ responsibilities and liabilities,
  6. Compliance with the procedural requirements of the Companies Act and all applicable laws on corporate entities.

We provide guidance notes with all our agreements which will help you understand each and every clause in the given agreement/s. We also aim to provide you ongoing support in interpretation or any modifications of the existing agreements at nominal fee.

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