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If you are working in the entertainment industry, you already know that without proper guidance and competent representation, determining if an opportunity is the real deal or too good to be true is a task on its own. Finding yourself the right legal representative to guide and develop your career is the best way not only to protect your interests but also to attain the recognition you deserve for your talents.


We encourage our clients to engage an independent media and entertainment lawyer to help you navigate the landscape of the media industry, so you can focus on the more creative or competitive aspects of your business.

if you are just starting out as an artist then probably your mantra remains ‘talent attracts opportunities’. While that is true, knowing how to take those opportunities from idea to reality isn’t easy. Contact us today and let us guide you through this exciting journey

Sectors we cater to

Motion Pictures


Artist and Model Management

Event Management

Stage Productions


Athlete Representation

International Entertainment Matters.



Talent Agencies

Entertainment Events



Celebrity Representation

Regardless of your field in the industry, we stand ready to assist you in all of your endeavours.

Service Area

Advising on issues and arrangements pertaining to entertainment, publishing and advertising laws

including understanding of publicity and privacy rights (what constitutes misuse of images and protection against those who would profit from the unauthorized use of your name or image in advertising) as well as general business law

Advising on joint ventures, partnerships and collaborations Advising on defamation claims, privacy rights and intellectual property protection

Drafting, negotiating and reviewing all sorts of contractual arrangements including

Actor and Director Agreements Agency and Representation Agreement

Band Member Agreements

Cable, Internet and Television Broadcast Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements

Content Acquisition Agreements

Co-Production Agreements

Copyright and Trademark Licensing Agreements

Development and Production Agreements

Distribution Agreements

Endorsement Agreements

Entertainment Event Contract

Entertainment Venue Agreements

Film and Music Licensing Agreement

Performing Artist Contracts

Merchandising Agreements

Live Performance Agreements

Music Publishing Agreements

Personal Management Agreement

Recording Contracts

Royalty Agreements

Songwriting Agreements

Sponsorship Agreements

Sports Star Agreements

Synchronization Agreements Talent/ Artist Management Agreements Talent Acquisition agreement

Talent and Employment Agreements

Theatrical Agreements

Touring Agreements

Negotiating celebrity endorsement deals for and on behalf of both, companies and artists alike

Providing artistic protection by registering and obtaining copyright and trademark on your creative works

We Represent





Artist and Talent Managers

Event Planners

Companies and brands looking for celebrity endorsements



Fashion Designers

Writers and Authors

Talent Agencies

Entertainment Agencies

We’ve helped numerous individuals with a wide variety of talent representation tasks and issues. Contact us with your specific needs to see how we can help.

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