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Almost every business, whether a startup or an established company, has intellectual property that provides it with a competitive advantage.  Any business with a name, logo, advertisements, inventions, custom software, customer data or a website has intellectual property and should understand how to protect it.

We aim to provide a competitive ‘one stop shop’ for your IP related needs. Whether the job is standalone or part of a larger transaction, ILS can assist your business with its IP knowledge and expertise!

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Services Areas

IP Registration and Management

We provide trademark and copyright registration service to businesses for their brand, patent, software and design. We can assist you with intellectual property ownership disputes, advice on regulatory requirements and commercial compliance with intellectual property laws and electronic signature government regulations.

Identifying your IP rights

Drafting and Negotiating

we routinely prepare  IP related agreements for our  clients. Some of which are:

End User License Agreement

Service Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreements

IP Assignment Agreement

Brand Licensing Agreement

Sponsorship And Franchising Agreement

Trademark Coexistence Agreement

Consultancy and Advice

we advise our clients on best practice use and protection of their Intellectual Property as well as brand enforcement matters. We review and provide expert analysis on IP related agreements involved in joint ventures, business alliances and other similar projects and transactions.

Research And Guidelines

we prepare and offer comprehensive guidelines to provide you with foundational understanding of complex intellectual property issues specific to your business.

In today’s time of virtual reality, we understand the challenges involved with conducting a market leading international business in a constantly evolving technological environment. We work closely with computer specialists in order to assist clients to protect their websites, e-commerce platforms, and client data from hackers, virus infections, file corruption and other security breaches.

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