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All About Privacy Policy and Why it is Essential for your Business

UNDERSTANDING PRIVACY POLICY To understand privacy laws or why privacy policy is important for your business’s digital imprint, you need to understand that every website and mobile application collects information from its users otherwise known as data. For example, if you run an E-Commerce business whereby you sell a service or a product over the internet you will be obtaining certain information from your customers such as their name, email address, mailing address (which is your delivery or shipping address) phone number and in some cases user credit card details. All of this information constitutes as Data (more aptly Personally Identifiable...

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All About Website Terms and Conditions

The What Website Terms and Conditions also known as Terms Of Use or Terms Of Service is fundamentally an agreement between the website owner and the user/visitor of the website establishing the rules the user/visitor must follow in order to maintain access and usage of that website. The Why Here are a few reasons why it is important for businesses to upload the terms and conditions on its website. It may be noted that the reasons mentioned below are not exhaustive however will give you a fair picture of its significance. Protecting the Business – Terms and Conditions are crucial to protecting your business...

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Employers Guide To A Legally Compliant Interview Process

The process of interviewing a candidate for a position requires crafty skills and more so in today's ever so aware and informed era where archaic line of questioning cannot bring results and loose questioning could easily land your company in hot waters. While most companies now know that questions relating to gender, age, religion and race are prohibited by law however there are many other questions which fall under the grey area radar and can be legally challenged by job seekers. It is always advisable to be updated with the times and the legalities surrounding employee matters to make sure...

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5 Key Contracts Essential For Startups

Wanting to explore a lucrative market or perhaps running your own business is one thing and being able to successfully run a Startup venture is completely another.  While passion and a catchy idea may be enough to push you in the right direction it is certainly not enough to guarantee success in the entreapreunial ecosystem. Startups by its very nature deal with a great number of unknown factors and its success lies in mitigating these known and unknown pitfalls that might affect its sustainability and growth.  Hence it is unwise to adapt an ‘as it comes’ approach when deciding on...

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