Employee Handbook: The Holy Grail of HR

If you have managed to successfully outlive the initial turmoil of establishing your startup then chances are that you are now aiming to move forward from bootstrapping to building a team which will help you grow your business further. Regardless of whether you are in the beginning stages of hiring employees or have been in the practice for some time now, you will need a guide book, establishing the dos and donts for your staff. This document is commonly known as the Employee Handbook. Simply put, Employee Handbook is a manual for what your employees can expect from the company...

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Employers Guide To A Legally Compliant Interview Process

The process of interviewing a candidate for a position requires crafty skills and more so in today's ever so aware and informed era where archaic line of questioning cannot bring results and loose questioning could easily land your company in hot waters. While most companies now know that questions relating to gender, age, religion and race are prohibited by law however there are many other questions which fall under the grey area radar and can be legally challenged by job seekers. It is always advisable to be updated with the times and the legalities surrounding employee matters to make sure...

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